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Relationship Development Intervention ? (RDI)

What is Relationship Development Intervention?

Relationship Development Intervention? (RDI) is a research based, developmental approach to therapy. RDI is a parent-based intervention. The role of a certified RDI consultant is to coach parents in fostering the social and emotional development of their child. A careful assessment (RDA) is conducted prior to beginning the RDI program in order to pinpoint where each child is developmentally.

Who will benefit from RDI?

RDI as it is a developmental approach to therapy will be beneficial to any age group and will be beneficial for a wide range of functioning levels. RDI is not limited to children by any means. Not only is RDI helpful for people on the spectrum, RDI can also be implemented with children and teens with other kinds of emotional developmental delays as well.

How does the program work?

RDA is administered prior to beginning services. The RDA is a 3-part assessment. The purpose of the RDA is to obtain observational information regarding the emotional and social development of the child. Once the RDA is completed, customized programming will begin. This consists of 2 in office sessions per month and 2 video reviews per month. Once an RDA has been administered, programming consists of a customized mix of parent education and parents / child sessions. As RDI is a developmental approach to therapy, it is more of a marathon therapy vs. a sprint. Parents must be committed to the process and understand that development is a process.

Why does care offer RDI?

RDI is a ground-breaking option for the families of individuals with Autism. It offers a truly unique service in that it effectively addresses relationship and social issues simply neglected or ineffectualy addressed by comparable therapies. We are proud to be the only center in Arizona offering RDI and the first to bring this wonderful method to our local patient population.

Research Articles

NAS Study 2001 ? Outcome study for adults on the spectrum Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders ? Preliminary Effectiveness and Evaluation of RDI programming

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