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Information for prospective patients

What you should know about CARE before making your first appointment.

We offer a wide variety of services through several healthcare providers but we are all work under several principles that guide our combined practice:

  • We all believe that the irresponsible use of pharmaceuticals (medication) is dangerous and at the heart of a great many problems in our healthcare system today. Our providers do not routinely prescribe medications and will always leave this recommendation as the absolute last resort when it is considered critical. As a matter of fact, in the greatest majority of the patients we see, we believe that drugs are the least effective solution to their health concerns. What does this mean to you (the potential patient)?: If you are expecting a quick office visit that ends in a prescription, you should likely not consult us. This being said, if you are taking medications under the recommendations of another provider, we will gladly work with you and we will likely not contradict instructions you have got from other providers. Wherever possible, we will present you with options.
  • Our approach to healthcare is functional in nature, meaning that our primary objective is always to promote optimal function. This means assessing the present state of the patient and taking aggressive steps to promote health by increasing the level of function of the body. This often translates to less pain, better focus, a greater sense of well-being and all of the sensations associated with a healthier human being. What does this mean to you (the potential patient)?: You may be introduced to testing procedures that you have never seen or heard of before. You will be examined thoroughly and you will likely be given some recommendations that will require some personal steps to regain your health - sometimes these are not easy.
  • Our procedures are cutting-edge. We are continuously seeking new and better ways to improve our methods. What does this mean to you (the potential patient)?: Many doctors, particularly medical practitioners, are not familiar with our methods, this is especially true of those who do not remain current with research. This means that, in some cases, our services are beyond the comfort zone of some doctors due to the fact that they do not understand our methods. In these cases, your doctor may advise you against visiting our center. Please understand that even though such advice is well-meaning it is most often baseless. Our procedures do not represent an increased risk to your health because they are not 'mainstream'. As a matter of fact, the opposite is most often true, particularly due to our extremely conservative philosophy with respect to pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, our methods are scientifically-based, responsible and meticulous in terms of risk management.
  • Care offers the services of several healthcare providers. Most of our patients choose to consult with more than one of our providers in order to benefit from a truly integrated, interdisciplinary assessment and therapy program. What does this mean to you (the potential patient)?: While at care you may choose to utilize any number of our services. If your case warrants a consultation with one of our other providers, a recommendation will be made to you in this regard. You are always in control of who you see and who has access to your private information. We will always obtain your permission before sharing any information between practitioners.

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What to expect from your first appointment.

Care offers the services of several healthcare providers but the following guidelines should help you to prepare for your first visit:

  • In our style of practice, information truly is power. If you are well prepared for your first visit, you will likely enjoy the greatest benefit. How can you prepare? Arrive at your first appointment with the following:

    • Completed entrance paperwork (our staff will direct you to a convenient online location to complete these).
    • Driver's license
    • Current health insurance card
    • Most recent medical records related to your current condition (for example: If we are seeing you for back pain and you were sent to our office by your family doctor, be sure to bring copies of any tests that have already been done. This will likely reduce time, expense and waiting time before we can begin care.)

  • At your first examination you will undergo a full physical. We may require that you return for a second day to complete some labwork. It is unlikely that we will offer you a full diagnosis on your first visit. Our practitioners will usually require that you return for a second visit to review the findings from your first examination. Your second visit will usually include reviewing a care plan and discussing financial arrangements.

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Our financial policies (including Health Insurance)

Finances are often the biggest concern for new patients. Nobody likes the surprise of a huge, unexpected bill to pay. It is important that you read and understand the following:

  • We charge a cancellation fee for missed appointments. When our patients make appointments we commit a certain period of time to that patient. When patients fail to present for their appointment, our practitioners not only lose that period of time but also lose the opportunity to assist other patients who may have wanted that appointment slot.
  • Unless other arrangements are made, payment is always due at the time of service, we do not mail bills for payment.

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